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Happy birthday Gentle Giant! <3

One year ago Mark has celebrated his birthday with balloons and russian souvenirs. The crowd were singing  ’happy birthday’ while he was giving some attention to the fans. 

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Jason Hill and Mark S working on new tunes!!

I’ve never met a person who didn’t have a personal relationship with music. Some of us have deeper ones than others. But we’re all in the cathedral. It could have been a band or a voice that first opened the doors. Or maybe it was a rhythm or a melody that called you to the pews. But when we heard that sound, whatever it was, we were transformed. We waved flags.

My older brother Shane had impeccable taste in music. Bands like The Smiths, Depeche Mode, New Order, The Cars, and Talking Heads were always rattling through his bedroom door.

When compact discs took over the world he began to replace his collection of cassettes with them. The tapes were then handed down to me. They were my inheritance. I became one of the devout very quickly. They grabbed ahold of me and moulded me into the person that I would become.

Some of the bands that my brother passed on to me are in this book. And there are others whose stories I don’t know within its pages. It takes 1,000 of the best tunes from some great bands and fills you in on their experiences at the pulpit. It’s not about nostalgia. These memories and conjurings are proof that we existed.

Now sit down, have another Roy Rogers and do what you bought this book to do. Worship

Brandon Flowers has written an foreword to Xfm’s Top 1,000 Songs Of All Time.

wearing cardigan

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sweet battle born tour memory:

when brandon hides his wedding ring in the pocket before going to hug the crowd