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don’t underestimate me. i’ll wear sweaters in the summer. i’ll eat like eighteen gallons of ice cream in the winter. fuck the temperature. i don’t give a fuck

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So the killers and pet shop boys have shows on my bday but I’m at home without even internet;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) luv my life

oh! im eating mcnugggets

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i like haim so much day after day

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so happy for german nt cause I think they really deserved to be in the final after all these years.

but very very sad for brazil

especially kitty luiz

when you did your "Smile like you mean it" tattoo how did you choose the font? I want to make my first the Killers tattoo but I can't decide what font should I use and I understand how it's important soooo could you help me with that?
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yeah I could! maybe you could send me some fonts or pics?
I’d like to help you with pleasure ;)
and well actually I have 2 tattoos and I’ve chosen the font at the tattoo studio. I didn’t have any thoughts or imaginations which font I wanted. I just wanted to get lyrics on my body. So I went to the studio and tattoo master offered me bunch of fonts!
master typed my lyrics on computer and showed it to me with different fonts.
that’s how I’ve made a choice.
and personally, I don’t like huge fonts. I like small, cute and simple fonts..because I think if you’re gonna get tattoos with lyrics then you shouldn’t try to impress people with huge and fancy letters, I think it is better to focus people’s minds on the meaning of your tattoo ;)
good luck!

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don't you wanna make another killers tattoo? what lyrics it would be?
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I doooo!!

I really do =) just still thinking about where and what lyrics! idk but ages ago I really wanted to get a tattoo with some lyrics from ‘for reasons unknown’ on my back or ribs! 

also maybe some lyrics from their last album ‘battle born’ i dunnoooooo

the killers have such a wonderful songs & lyrics and it is so hard to choose something

plus I’m poor hahah

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have you ever got suicid thoughts or try to do this?
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oh woah sorry i haven’t seen I’ve got messages!

well yes I have many many times but I’ve never tried cos I’m a coward

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Me trying to finish something important on time:


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